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'The genuine path to Self-love, Self-healing, success, prosperity and abundance'

We provide intuitive psychic tarot readings and assists with a range of spiritual guidance for self-love and personal development

Tarot and Psychic readings, books by Crimey Queen  and including other services, and to ignite and reverberate the power within oneself for actualising self-love and

Self-healing, thus: to create healthy and joyous lifestyles that you truly deserve.

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Inspiration behind the book

My journey of transformation led to the Publication of 2 volumes of the Crimson Light, which taught me that a person’s main purpose in life is to acknowledge the gift of Self-love: the pure power that resonates within our hearts.

This in turn sets the foundation and template for how other people view you. Furthermore, it helps develop a deeper appreciation for how people, environment and scenarios become instrumental to shaping our reality a stream of synchronicity or meaningful coincidences.

Tarot and Psychic readings, books by Crimey Queen and including other services, are to ignite and reverberate the power within, for actualising self-love 

However, self-love requires commitment; and like a flourished garden, love must be cultivated, at least in degrees, and even as energy; therefore the more love you have is the more abundant you will feel, instead of feeling depleted

Check out my Published books here.  

Why write your book is that, I want to encourage you to take that step of actualising  self-love now.  Say it loud, I am open and receptive to the guidance of the Crimson Light; therefore, I am trusting the choice I have made to have balance, truth and awareness!

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