About the Owners: Crimey Queen’s Stakeholders

I am creative and wonderful expression of life, I am!

Allow me to address this in two parts; as though giving you the in and out, up and down, you get it! The polarities that make up the whole, like light and dark, I AM!

Whilst writing The Crimson light volume one and two, I embarked on a beautiful scripture verse that opened me up to a whole new world.

So God created man in his OWN image (template)’ I was able to comprehend our sense of ownership even as children. The word ‘own’ danced around me as though beckoning on in a game of wits. On taking on the challenge, I discovered it was weightless, it’s size, infinite and it’s colours immense. Now, WON, OWN, and the beckoning was to form the foundational structure for a new world ( NWO). 

We are all called to do the dance with life and to create after our own image and likeness. 

By that, I understood that moment by moment we are creating through our imaginations, primarily, as a direct result of our thoughts. The degree of colour we give a thought denotes the level of life-energy and attention in which we have participated. That in turn births the gifts that we may like or dislike.

This helped me to realise how most of the suffering that I had experienced was the direct result of entertained certain thoughts and playing out the imagery until they were concreted and became repeated patterns in my life.

However, I also learned that the same strategy can be applied to achieve the flip side of an experience. It just seems to take more energy and time, simply because of our consciousness and awoken spirit that exist in the NOW world of instant gratification; especially when you realise that you are responsible for your life, you try to compensate for what you perceive as lost time. This for me was perhaps the biggest challenge of self-acceptance. 

There is nothing that a good mix of spiritual cocktail can’t fix.

In a constantly changing world, you need something to anchor onto to remain centred. For me that something is my practice of spiritual exercises, such as affirmations, a deep in the ocean, sun-gazing, meditative walks in nature, being conscious of the connectedness to all forms of life, and sending others loving vibrations and not forgetting the practice of self-introspection. 

The main shareholders

Crimey Queen is the co-owner along with 14 verbatim Gods, actively, rooted and noted in us as referenced Genesis of the Holy bible; hence had remained hidden in plain sight. 

The time of the Verbatim Gods rising is NOW. The word NOW is often revered to as PRESENCE is the new age community. That is fine, as long as we understand their nature within us. 

The 14 gods want us to realise that they are not external entities of our make-up but that rather we are the embodiment of all of creation including their active attributes as Gods of Creations, Movements, Sayings, Sawing and Sightings, Divisions, Callings, Makings, Settings, Blessings, Endings, Forming, Causations, Breaths and Plantings. 

These Gods are portrayed in various biblical stories and references. For example, Abraham the father of many nations, king David and Jesus called Christ all came from a lineage of 14 generations. It is the notion that we are our ancestors. Ye are Gods.

14 is double seven (2X7) for spiritual perfection. Adding the two digits (1+4) as above equals 5. The numerical number for Christ. Hence, you could say that Christ is the alchemical process of the transaction necessary for our spiritual evolution.

14 is the first day of the Passover.

Job the man of God who Their wisdom is so immense that have they have ensured to allow us to play with them as toys, but also ensuring the energies get reverberated in the earth up until NOW that it is time for us to grow up and take our rightful positions. 

Jacob worked 14 years for the love of his life Rachel. However, this is perhaps one of the most misunderstood stories, of a man of God being tricked into working seven yours as payment for his wife and had to work a further seven years to have her as a wife. T

he 14 Gods can be seen 28 -29-day moon cycle: two weeks 14 days waning and 14-day waxing of the moon. We are generally not mature enough to fathom the requirements for spiritual enlightenment to realise our true nature with the divine as one, as day and night. 

‘the fear of the Lord” occurs 14 times: the beginning of wisdom. Use the light of the day to learn and to remember the way back home when night falls. There you will be more trusting of the process.

Fourteen is mentioned 20 times in the old testament scriptures. 

Numerically, speaking twenty means judgement, foundation, rock, cross, south, and more; and we are in 2020.  

The gods are saying ‘It’s time to wake up! It’s time to yourself together and act NOW!   You no longer need to OWN your right to be here! You have WON the rites to create in your OWN image and likeness as co-creator in this NWO, with the divine creator of the universe. 

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