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My journey of transformation led to the Publication of 2 volumes of the Crimson Light, which taught me that a person’s main purpose in life is to acknowledge the gift of Self-love: the pure power that resonates within our hearts.

This in turn sets the foundation and template for how other people view you. Furthermore, it helps develop a deeper appreciation for how people, environment and scenarios become instrumental to shaping our reality.

Tarot and Psychic readings, books by Crimey Queen Tarot and including other services, are to ignite and reverberate the power within, for actualising self-love 

Attainment of self love requires commitment to the quest of knowing and understanding the self.

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The Crimson Light: A Bridge to Actualising Self-full Love is a life transformational journey that rests on the premise ‘Nothing happens by chance but by the choices we make.’…

Still plagued with the question ‘Why am I here?’ Lauviah continues with the belief that ‘there are no accidents and coincidences but the choices we make.’ This notion forces her to …