Let there be light

Crimey Queen Tarot, is a highly intuitive psychic tarot reader with gifts and wisdom of the divine that connects all. Hence, her ability as an empath and clairvoyant demonstrates her deep understanding of the human need to experience for wholeness. 

I’ Am a creative expression of life, I Am’

Firmly grounded and highly intuitive individual, whom through her wide range of  life experiences have learned to stand in her truth and honour her God given gifts and talents; a woman who have learned to feel the fear and do it anyway; a woman who have also learned that by taking action, fear often dissipates as one becomes  submissive to their life path.

Crimey Queen Tarot, is a strong believer that ‘to enter the kingdom, the place of experiencing joy and fulfilment,  you must be willing to walk your talk. In other words you must first learn to love yourself and progressively to the extent of what she calls self-full love. 

Crimey Queen Tarot’s twin volumes The Crimson Light books have served as living testimonies of her tenacity and dedication to overcome emotional, psychological and physical defects, and to attain the highest award a person can give to one’s self: the gift of self-full love; because, it is by that measure a person’s  capacity to love  another is determined. 

Nothing happens by chance!

I now open my eyes that I may see the light that guides my steps and to have all my guilty charges dropped! Let it be so!