Origins of Crimey Queen

Crimey Queen, your dedicated partner in crime is ready to help you break barriers by building bridges for personal growth for transformation. 
Origin of Crimey Queen, a dedicated partner in crime, an accomplice who gained her crown by breaking barriers of silence, and by building bridges of forgiveness self-love and transformation.
Crimey Queen, is a highly intuitive psychic tarot reader with gifts and wisdom of the divine that connects all. Hence, her ability as an empath and clairvoyant demonstrates her deep understanding of the human need to experience wholeness.
I think there is a lot to be said when you are the fifth child of 14 children and growing up with your grandmother in the Caribbean.
My life certainly exemplifies that concept in numerous ways. Hence, I am now embracing my gift and ability to relate this to you by highlighting the use of numbers; and especially for the fact that numerology plays a very vital role in our existence. 
My reason for bringing up numbers is that Number five stands in the middle of numbers one to nine, and are the only numbers that matter in Numerology; and if you were to add up number 14 (1+4 = 5) you would get a result of 5.
Five is the number of changes. My change consequently revealed even more contrastingly, by being my mother’s only child with a different father. I have learned that life is a journey of changes and how we handle the process, makes the difference.
I wanted to seem studious when at about eight or nine years of age, one day I took my aunt’s De Laurence thick book to school.
To this day the name is all I remember because I had struggled so much to pronounce it well. It is almost as if it would not allow me to take it away until I had done so, and that’s how I knew that I had pronounced it correctly.
As I rushed back from recreation I felt a sense and that I should not have left De Laurence on the desk. My instinct was right, the book was nowhere to be found. Furthermore, I could not accuse my authoritative teacher of stealing.
My aunt never seemed to miss De Laurence and it just seemed like I was the medium: One wanting to release while the other wants to embrace. Like numbers we are all connected in one way or another, just serving in different roles.
You see, number five’s position, whether in a magic square or singled lined numbers remains centred and serves as the Master key; and yet it is a volt or vortex and observer all at the same time.
It is both masculine and feminine by nature. 
Apart from my experiences or visits to other realms, which were often denied by others as a child and was seen as making up stories, I still found myself gravitating to the invisible and mysterious home life.
Apart from wishing for a mentor, one day, I went to the local fortune teller to see if she could tell me where I had lost the two dollars that my aunt had given me to buy yeast to bake bread.
I would have to say, the attraction was not only due to my curiosity but I later understood that it was more for my concern to help people.
Even such a tender age, I felt there was more to life than to eat bread. It was not until I became an adult I fully understood the famous biblical quote! ‘man shall not eat by bread alone.’ And that was even though I felt very guilty for leaving many families without bread the next morning.
Life has handed me a lot of experiences and in various aspects. Twin publication of my autobiography seemed just enough to accommodate what was necessary for healing and the celebration of that healing.
This journey has helped me to understand human suffering and longing for happiness.
Hence, the need and for healing, and to experience joy in abundance: even as in scriptural terminology.
For joy a man is born into the world
This is how I know you do not just sit and wait upon the Lord so to speak, but rather, first, ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open unto you.
However, it is important that you learn how to listen because you have asked;  seeking requires the ability to recognise signs, sounds, and symbols, and knocking always denotes unlocking or an opening.
Hence, we, the 14 ancient Verbatim Gods and I are here: to help you find your answers.
We are here to help you observe the signs, sounds, and symbols.
We are here to help you have doors unlocked and opened for you
We are here as your companions in life.

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