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  • 15 minutes – Intuitive Psychic Reading

    Be ye transformed by renewing your mind!

    These intuitive psychic tarot readings for self-love, allows you to ask for 2 questions. This is always with the understanding and experience that God/ the universe wants you to focus on what is most important as to what is most urgent…

    15 Minutes – Intuitive Psychic Reading 

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  • 30 minutes – Intuitive Psychic Reading

    Seek and ye shall find!

    This reading allows you to ask a select few questions of concern whilst allowing the spirit to reveal the divine messages that are necessary for self-love and growth. It also allows you to trust, in your action for guidance and that spirit is lovingly responding to your need.

    Duration – 30 Minutes

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  • 60 minutes – Intuitive Psychic Reading 

    All things are possible…

    Most people can explore various aspects of their lives in this intuitive tarot reading session. In my experience, a 60-minute session tends to always reveal more. As though by divine law, certain things are concealed whilst others are revealed.

    Duration – 1 hour

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  • Spiritual Guidance and Solutions – 15 minutes (minimum)

    Here we acknowledge that people are complex beings with specific needs for spiritual guidance and solutions that ‘there is no glove fits all’ sort of treatment.

    Spiritual guidance and finding solutions may involve therapeutic counselling exploration…

    15 min (minimum)


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