Terms of services

Our values and terms of services

Welcome to Crimey Queen tarot for self-love, terms and services.  We honour the service we provide and in turn,  we do our best to meet your needs with reverence and total satisfaction thus, and to reflect the law of exchange being in service to you

How we deliver our services

Readings and consultations are done in person, online, and by phone, and including WhatsApp

All Intuitive readings and consultation are handled with respect and confidentiality.  All our sessions are tailored between 15 minutes and one hour long. However, this can be extended accordingly…that is, with discretion. 

Payments and refunds

Single line paragraph Payments are non-refunds unless booked reading exceeds 72  hours.

Spiritual Guidance and Resolutions:  A 50℅ deposit is required to commence any the undertaking of spiritual treatment

For legal reasons, it must be stated that the reading and consultations that you receive here are for entertainment purposes. What you do with the information from this service is entirely up to you, thus, making the outcome of your experience your responsibility.

Be ye transformed by renewing your mind!


15 Minutes Intuitive Psychic Reading 

These intuitive psychic tarot readings for self-love, allows you to ask for 2 questions

This is always with the understanding and experience that God/ the universe wants you to focus on what is most important as to what is most urgent. Allow yourself to receive the loving divine message from spirit, as they often do come.

Ask and ye shall receive!

30 Minutes Intuitive Psychic Reading 

This reading allows you to ask a select few questions of concern

whilst allowing the spirit to reveal the divine messages that are necessary for self-love and growth. It also allows you to trust, in your action for guidance and that spirit is lovingly responding to your need.

Seek and ye shall find!

1 Hour Intuitive Psychic Reading 

Most people can explore various aspects of their lives in this intuitive tarot reading session. In my experience, a 60-minute session tent to always reveal more. As though by divine law, certain things are concealed whilst others are revealed; the 60-minute session allows you to focus on the things you want to explore, whilst spirit conveys the divine messages in store for you at an in-depth level for your evolution.

Knock and it shall be open unto you!


Intuitive Psychic tarot reading for Self-love – The more have is the ore you have to give.

We can provide you with your Numerology Birth Charts

Our sessions are tailored as 15 minutes to 1-hour readings or consultations.

Readings and Consultations are done in person, online and phone, and including WhatsApp.

Thank you for using our services!

Note: We aim to progressively supply a range of products that helps to maintain and promote optimum health and well-being.