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Tarot for self love


Fantastic Tarot reading from Crimey Queen. I’ve had a few readings from her now and each time is spot on, it’s mind blowing. Opportunity to ask questions for clarification, great guidance & very professional experience. Also get a recording of your reading. Crimey Queen delivers in her unique way. Always a positive experience and will definitely book again. Thank you so much
Crimey Queen 🙏🏻
"This woman is incredible. She’s patient and very in tune with her surroundings and gave me the most incredible reading earlier this year. The things she foresaw are coming to fruition in abundance and now I feel I must consult her regularly for the fantastic energy she brings. I wholly recommend. She does numerology too!"
Tina T
Beautiful woman, beautiful reader. She is truly talented. I have been twice now, the first as a group of four and the second visit my nana had a session too. We each came away with a lot to think about and have been discussing our readings for a long time after.
I have had a great experience and great readings with crimey queen tarot it's whenever I get a reading exactly what was revealed to me starts unvailing instantly.so please guys check out crimey queen tarot for your special offers on readings.

If it would be to describe my experience with Crimey Queen Tarot, in one word it would be MARVELOUS…

I’ve been going through a very dynamic period when my path crossed with Crimey Queen, and I can honestly tell that this experience totally changed my perspective about what the real tarot represents. BEFORE vs AAFTER I always used this point of view to analyse many things in life.
BEFORE meeting Shakti- Crimey Queen Tarot I had many questions without answer and was traped in a vicious circle of overthinking, doubts, and uncertainty. AFTER the meeting I can honestly tell that I got on the right path, where I substantially improved my awareness and have experienced and still experiencing a deep and positive spiritual transformation. Shakti-Crimey Queen Tarot is a remarkable person with a great soul, extremely high capabilities to connect with your inner energies and removing the negatives ones. It’s one of the most memorable experiences in my life where I found the key for self-love.